LDR IS HARD! what do you think I should do right now? break up or stay?

so i met a girl in chatous 3 months ago, we had fun talking to eachother everyday, then when we admit we loved each other and started an official relationship, everything fell apart, we weren't laughing, we weren't teasing and most of all , we talk less. she used to say 'i love you' constantly and always text me first before i finish school, stay away untill i sleep and say good morning too, i did the same to her since she is my gf and was being a lot sweet than when we started out as friends. i planned to break up with her twice but both fail cuz she kept saying that she still loved me and that the school is giving her stress, thats why she changed. then after the 2nd attempt, we havnt talked for 4 days, i felt stupid for believing her , but i can't leave her cuz i promised at the beginning of our friendship that i won't leave her no matter what, and breaking promises just isn't me and i dont know what to do. im planning to break up with her for the 3rd time, and this time i am not changing my mind. so before i make any decisions, i want to know what you gagers think..


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  • Long distance relationships are not only hard, they're a waste of time in the end because unless one of you is willing to move, and fast, it will die. Who's to say once you move out there things will work either? Believe me, every minute you waste trying to keep a long distance relationship alive, you're missing an opportunity right in front of your face.


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