What is he doing? Guys please, need your advise?

Well i posted a question early on but only one person commented.

The guy i fell in love (that doesn't love me back btw) is looking for me on the internet and i wonder why, if i think he hates me.

He was offline visiting my dating profile, several times in the 2 months we are no contact. Then he liked a pic of me on facebook. And last week he sent me a pic of his ass on the dating profile llus he favorited me (that allows him to see when im online or not) plus he sent me a wink.

Now, i sent him a message trough Facebook this morning (we are fck friends since july).

-are u showing me your butt?
-just in case you wanted to see it
- thanks (me sending him a face pic) just in case you wanna see me
-wow you're prettier every day and im old
-cutie pie
-kiss you. You are a hot cutie pie

And that was all. Feeling somehow frustrated right now. What the h? So much stalking on his side for this?


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  • Girl, cut off ties. He's just keeping you around and manipulating your emotions so he has an easy lay.


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