Is this girl really fine without me?

We've been through a lot together. she's had a mental breakdown in front of me. she's cried over me numerous times up and downs. Has cried after sex. This is coming from a girl that acts stone cold with every other guy she's been with.

We haven't been able to see each other for a while due to her parents. She called me balling and crying saying she misses me. Called me a week later excusing it saying sorry numerous times saying she's not unstable.

I invited her to hang out she left a voice mail sounded really nervous and started studdering at the end. When I asked her if she's content and if everything is fine with her she looked at me like what the hell. Yes I'm fine.

I said she could call me anytime if she just wants to talk but she gets really uncomfortable even doing something like that.

She told me she's crazy about me and really likes me a lot. She also said I'll always be here if you want me no matter what.

Is she really fine? She plays a good act sometimes. she's held emotions back in the past. Had the hardest time telling me she even likes me.

Im four years older than here and I'm getting established in my career whilst she's just starting. Could she be questioning her self worth? I've also treated her poorly in the past (bad old habits) so maybe its a trust issue? Treat her very well now.


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  • I think that you need to sit down with her and have a talk. Ask her what's going on and try to make her open up to you. If she won't, ask the reason why. Be there for her but also don't push her boundaries. I think what would be best is if you told her something along the lines of "I know you're going through something and I'm dying to help you but I can only do that if you allow me to. If you're not ready to let me in, that's okay. I'll give you some space and whenever you're ready, call me without any hesitations. I'll always be there for you."

    • I agrees. But with one exception the sentence is a bit dramatic given the fact that she does say that she's ok, but you know differently. If a girl does all that for you, she REALLY CARES ABOUT YOU. Which is something you should consider. But to answer you title question. Of course she'll be fine!! Side note : Clearly this is just really hard for her so don't be an asshole and just ignore her.

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  • Frankly she sounds like a head case.

  • I think she's just one of those people who finds it hard to open up about their emotions.. i always feel really uncomfortable talking about really personal stuff and when i finally do it comes up in a huge storm and way messier than i wanted it to be.. i dont think its anything to do with self worth, if she's anything like me it might just be she finds it really hard to be open. seems like she likes you a lot though just by the fact that she's comfortable enough to cry to you


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