2 week break up, does he miss me?

In advance I would like to thank anyone for reading this. My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago. Needless to say it was kind of leading to a split, but I doubt neither of us thought we'd ever go through with it. So here we are and the day we broke up he moved in with the woman I found out he was messing around with. They have only know each other for a couple of weeks.

So since that has happened I took the liberty of returning his clothes to him the same day, yet he prolonged that and waited until the next day after the breakup to get his things and had his father get them. Anyway when that happened I texted one last time and I thought that was the end. I went into no contact mode.

Well shockingly he called me twice that night and we discussed how we felt. He said he was confused by everything. So later that week he asked to see me and I asked if he was happy he said he didn't know. He said he couldn't stop thinking about me. And when we saw each other he wouldn't stop staring at me.

A week later he contacted me once again and asked to see me, but wanted to have sex I said we can't do that. But we ended up talking for 18 minutes. He said he couldn't stop thinking about how we made love. Again I asked if he was happy and he said he didn't know.

So 10/01 .. He called me out the blue last night and we just talked about how was life going and then he said again he couldn't stop thinking about how we made love. Again another 18 minute convo. It seems like he wanted to see me but would never ask. Or like he wanted to say he miss me but never say it.

I guess what I am trying to know, does he miss me and afraid to say it? Does he feel he may have made a mistake? I do want us to get back together but I don't know where his head is. This isn't the 1st time we've been through this concerning other females. But this is the first time we have broken up because I got tired and he did to, but when we broke up he is intoxicated a little bit and I was angry.
Thank you all that answered the question. I appreciate all of your answers.


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  • Naw, he's just not into you!!! Look at that writing up there !!! Can't you get it. It's over all he wants now with you is sex and nothing else and you shouldn't do it.
    Find another guy.


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  • Love, I don't think he does. From the looks of it, it seems as if he's only saying those things because he wants to have sex with you. I really think this is a dead-end. You seem like such an intelligent and lovely woman, seeing by how you handled things after the breakup - that takes severe maturity and self-control, so well done for that because you did great. It makes it even worse that this isn't the first time you go through a problem like this. If he hasn't stopped now, he probably never will. Dear, he doesn't love you. If he did, he wouldn't put you through these situations. Please, conclude this business with him and never contact him again. I know, it's easier said than done but he was merely a chapter in your life. Turn the page and allow another chapter, a better one, to commence!

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I appreciate that and your sincerity to the question.

    • It's my pleasure. I trust you will do what's best for you, and also what will make you happier in the long run! x

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  • He clearly only misses the sex. He didn't want the other woman, he wanted both of you, for sex, at his convenience. Player. Get rid of him! Cut contact.


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