Returning back to my EX-wife dilemma?

Me and my ex-wife have been married for 4 years, we had divorce at the beginning of the year based on her request that she wasn't happy with me, and our characters differences. I discovered shortly after divorce that she got into a relationship with a guy she met during the last months of our marriage. I was devastated and I felt that she was cheating on me and only had divorce so she can be free to be with that new guy, after 6 months of no contact, she started to contact me again and expressed to me that she would like we meet again, I asked her if she is still with that guy but she said no she broke up with him but they are still being friends, I traveled to the city she lives and we stayed in a 5 stars hotel together for a week, I spent with her nice time, and we tried to recover the wounds we had for each other, but in same time she admitted that she still have feelings with the guy she broke up with, then I found out that that they are on a break and their relationship haven't ended yet, I asked her why she lied to me, she said that she wanted to be with me because she knows that I love her but she is not sure that the other guy truly love her, I asked her to inform him that we have spent this week together, she said to me that she is afraid to hurt his feelings!! so if I really want to be with her I should be patient and wait that she totally ends her relationship with the guy so we be together again. What should I do? I have strong feelings with her and I was ready to open a new chapter with her but her actions and words aren't trustworthy for me anymore, as she keeps delaying telling the other guy the truth that we have spent a week together and that she wants to end the relationship!!

My mind is totally paralyzed. what should I do?


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  • I feel for you. ask her to choose first and then Inform you. Love can make people do the craziest things and you are a victim of it...


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  • She is treating u like a doormat and a back up for when she needs shagging or a self esteem booster when the other guy is tired of her. U deserve better than that. She is playing u for a fool seriously. Dump her ass


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  • Give her a chance, go for it

    • I think I followed your advice, hope she doesn't waste this chance.


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