Is this considered to be a threat?

I'll never forgive you. I'll regret this for the rest of my life. The most ****** up part is I don't hate you. After all the **** you said and you made me sick and it made my baby sick. I don't hate you. I should. I should ******* hate you. I wanted to put a golf club through your truck windows. 8:42 AM

Or put a screw driver in your tires, but then that makes me just like you. A heartless ugly person. 8:43 AM

You're lucky that I'm not an evil ***** like you made me out to be. I could have let you continue to think I was pregnant and you would have continued to be a heartless bastard.


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  • Is that from you? In two ways. Perhaps as a threat and also just the sender being very emotional. If it is you, best you not send it.

    • No I sent it to the father of my child. I would never do that to him and yes I was very very emotional.

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    • Since there is nothing you can do maybe you should just leave it?

    • Thats what I am doing, but I feel like such a bad person for sending that because I didn't mean any of it. How convenient for him that I feel like the monster after all the shit he put me though,

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  • Well let's take it from a man's perspective. If a man had sent that text to a woman, he'd be in jail now. So consider yourself lucky. If you had sent that text to me, I would take it to the police.

    • I'm not saying it's right, but it's obviously out of hurt/anger. However, there is no direct threat. I never said I was going to or that I would. I clearly say it crossed my mind but I wouldn't do that. So explain to me how it's threatening? I mean would someone really out themselves before committing a crime like that - i know i'm not that stupid, I was just an emotional wreck.

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    • No I'm not glad. I am very ashamed of myself and not proud of saying it at all. there's a whole backstory to this and it doesn't make it right but I feel so guilty.

    • @MothMonsterMan that was my initial response

  • You're fucking crazy. I think you need Jebus. Jebus?

    Thanks Jebus. You're the best.


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