What is the reason behind your ex"casually" txtng U after a breakup? random "how u been"? after 2 months.. whats behind this? read on please and thxs?

I already moved on its been 2months, and I already met someone so I have no desire to talk to him, he is use to me always replying even if it was SMALL talk I was the one more into our relationship then he was.. this is his second text and I haven't replied, what's the reason behind this? i am not trying to look too deep into it but he is already on dating sites, like why bother with me im sure he is busy with new chicks why text me? thanks for your kind time.


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  • they still want you back and they can't let you go... its sad really but its like they are missing something apart of them


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  • Is it possible that he knows you've found someone new?
    That is something that happens a lot... one person moves on and finds someone new, suddenly the other is interested again, slightly jealous, comes back trying to "just talk", etc.


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  • Maybe he has yet to find anyone new and just wants a relationship. Just ignore him though and just ask him to stop, you aren't interested anymore, if it continues to bother you.


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