So he ends things but 4 days later is texting me?

So I've been seeing my guy friend for quite a while now and have been talking for over a year. We had a rough patch and argued for a fair ammount. Due to that he decided that he didn't want this (me). Things got pretty heated & things were said that shouldn't have... He deleted me off fb and Twitter because he thought it would be easier for me.

Then yesterday he goes and likes a picture of me I put on Instagram. A few minutes later he tweets 'I've made a lot of decisions in my life but this one could be the mother of all failures.'

Today four days after the argument he messages me, checking up on me and seeing if I was okay. He also asked if maybe one day we could meet up and talk about it properly or something. He also tweeted before he messaged me 'starting to wonder what if.' Could he be starting to realise what a mistake he's made? Does it seem like he wants me back?


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  • It surely sounds like he is regretting his decision. But don't act needy at all. Play cool and wait for him to actually mouth those words


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