Girls, do you private call your ex when you're in another relationship?

I've been getting random PC's and I'm thinking it's my ex from 4 months ago. She jumped into another relationship 1 month after we split and she seems happy in her photos. I'm thinking she wanted a reaction when she jumped into the relationship she's in now and I have yet to contact her since before she got into it. We had a good relationship until the end when things got sour like name calling etc.. We had plans and goals, we just couldn't get a long the last 2 months.. We dated a year exactly. Thoughts? My feelings for her are still there and I think that's why I'm hoping in a way


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  • I've done it. Like said before really bad break up and couldn't face reality but to this day I still love him deeply

    • Where you in another relationship when you did this? I'm happy for her if that's what she wanted but at the same time I wish things could have went down a different path than the way it did

    • Uhhh no because I still wasn't over him. I'm still not.

      Yea I completely understand. Personally I wish I would've handle my breakup with more class, but I was a train wreck...

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  • I've done that.

    • What was the reason? Did you just want to hear his voice? I just wish she would say something

    • To think of it, he might have called me the first time. He knew I wasn't happy in the new "relationship", so he would try cheering me up.

  • I did that once. Missed him like crazy - wanted to hear his voice. Wasn't ready to accept the reality of the break up yet.

  • I wouldn't do that.


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