I want her back, do I reach out to her?

dated my ex-gf for 15 months, our connection was unbelievable. this summer however she kept breaking up with me and getting back together for a variety of reasons (schoolwork, depression, etc) until finally in mid-august i sensed another break up and just told her i loved her and the only thing i haven't done is let her go to try and become happy again (which she often said she wasn't within herself) we both left the door open
since then over this past month our communication has been awkward at times ranging from random texts to calls thanking me for a card i wrote her and gave to her the day we ended things in August (the letter was filled with nice things and i told her to open it as a "just in case of emergency" letter). i also found out however on labor day weekend that she is attracted to this 31-year old guy she works with and is good friends with. I'm not sure of the nature of whats going on between them but my friend asked her and i think my ex said she hasn't done anything but the attraction is there. I'm not shocked by this as all, as it explains some of her distant and confusing behavior (loving me one minute and being distant the other)

but here's my issue:
I'd like the chance to get back together, but i'd need to some how stimulate those feelings inside her obviously.

so my ideas ranged from:
1) reaching out to her with the plan of trying to see her in a friendly setting possibly at first with other friends to ease her comfort with me, do this over a period of time, look good & play it cool, rebuild that attraction and then make a move
2) reach out to her with an emotionally rich letter/ face-to-face meeting expressing myself, and tell her id love for her to be in my life, but if not im moving on regardless.
3) just drop it, do limited to no contact and if she contacts me ill go from there.

LADIES! whats the best approach for a guy to take here if i want to try to get her back?


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