Ex left me pregnant twice! What now?

Hi, this is rather humiliating for me to share.
I'm 24, my now ex is 26.
We have been in a relationship for 4 years and have one 4 year old daughter and he has a 7 year old from previous relationship.
I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with our son.
When I was 6 weeks pregnant, my ex cheated on me with an 18 year old, my world shattered as he left me to be with her, it lasted 3 months and he broke up with her and wanted to be with me again and be a family so he claimed, I stupidly took him back hoping for the best, we got a new house everything for a fresh start then the other girl got in touch with him to tell him she was pregnant, I didn't believe it until she sent him her scan photos. He left me again, telling me he didn't love me anymore, next thing I know, they're together. It's breaking my heart, the girl who basically home wrecked my family is getting all the glory and attention now and they're all happy and I'm left in a million pieces. How does a scum bag like him and a cow like her deserve to be happy? I've basically bent over backwards for him over the years and I'm so broken I don't know what to do please help


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  • Wake up and pull you head out of your ass and smell the truth. He had a child when you first screwed him with out using protection. How he treated the mother of his first child is how he will treat you. You stepped in and took a man from his child and mother and now you know what it feels like.

    Why would you go after a man with a child. If you never belived in God now would be a good time to find a church and begin living by the rules. If you feel like he has dumped you like garbage, I am sure he has given you over 50 different examples that he was only there for a good time. One thing is promised him is there will be another stupid woman to get pregnant by him and possibly he will spend some time in jail for failure to pay child support. Poverty is going to ride him like a bad case of herpes.

    Women will jump over 20 good men to throw themselves at the devil.


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  • Holy crap
    First of all you should've known what a douche he is, he's a total player.. and he is 26 years OLD WOW WHAT A FUCKING MORON I'd just call the police he still has to pay for your daughter right? wow but wow how could you let him come back, like you deserve better


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