How to get over a guy I've known for a long time?

I've been waiting for him to come back but at this point i figured he won't come back. we dont text, call, etc and im pretty sure he is in love with someone else. How do i get over him i just listen to sad songs all day. plus I've known him for years before we decided to get into a relationship. so how do i get over him


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  • Do more with your life. Life is too short to be worrying about some guy that has clearly moved on. Maybe you could surround yourself with positive friends and wait awhile before you put any titles on any relationships you have with guys. Titles ruin everything. Just be happy and surround yourself with optimistic people. Pick up a new hobby maybe? Try to use this energy to maybe further yourself in your career. You know what they say, "the better the picker, the better the picked" or maybe I just say that, but yeah, hopefully I've helped :)


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