What can I do to feel better?

So my gf of ten months, in short, has broken my heart a second time. She flirts with my friends, gropes my best friend, ignores me for a guy that she has compared me to multiple times, and is embarrassed to tell anyone we're together. She only acts like she is in a relationship when we're alone.
She said "I love you" is special and we shouldn't just say it, so it stays special. She tells my friend "I love you" more then me, and she only says it when I'm angry as an attempt to make me feel like it's fine. She broke my heart the last time and I gave her a chance and she has just blown it. She passes me off to hang out with her guy friend, and she runs screaming to him and my best friend.
Recently she wouldn't sit on any rides with me at the fair, and even when we were going to she passed me off and sat with her guy friend. I feel like a second boyfriend whenever he is around, and he hates it too. He doesn't like her, but she still goes crazy for him and abandons me. (Like last time)
I told her how I feel and she just turned it around on me. She wouldn't listen to my points and said it was me that is bad for the relationship. After all I've given for it, and after all I've done for her. Her grades, self esteem, and attitude rose when we got together. She was my first kiss, and after all we've been through and done, she just abandons me again.
I'm beyond sad, I'm pissed.
All it has been is emotional neglect, and broken promises
How can I get over this?


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  • What? seriously that type of girl is not worth your time. pm me if you want my advise.

    • An example of her behavior: she called me apologizing for acting so badly. "I still love you" "I hope we can still work out" and all this other sweet talk. The next day she was angry and took it out on me. She yelled and hit and when I asked what's wrong she told me to shut up. Then she immediately goes to my best friend (who she tries to grope all the time) and tells him what happened to make her so angry. When he asked why she doesn't tell me she angrily tells him"Because he thinks we are still in a relationship and it would make him mad". So when talking to him she is single

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    • Thank you for the help

    • You're welcome :)

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  • I think u ahouldnt let her treat u so badly anymore. Stick up for yourself and dump her

    • Thank you for the advice. We are already in the process of breaking up. I just want to know how I can stop myself from feeling hurt by this. She makes me feel at fault for everything that went wrong.

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    • I really think u need to cut her loose. She doesn't care about u, don't let her walk all over u anymore. U deserve way bettet

    • Thank you, that is the plan

  • To be honest its not gonna happen overnight. This is kinda what happened to me. It just shows that you are a really good guy who really loves her. She just fucked up big time!! Good guys are hard to find now a days and she just past one by. I honestly think she took advantage of you because you were nice and all. Which this in mind if she comes crawling back to you, don't let her back in because she will hurt you again. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience. Now that you guys are over take your time to get yourself together, and when you do you will find another who loves you just as much as you love/loved this girl that broke your heart. And when the girl that broke you heart sees you with another girl, she will then realize what she has lost. But by then it would have been too late!! <3

    • Thank you for the kindness. You made me feel a lot better. I'm just trying to move forward now, and I have been distancing myself from her. I will work on picking myself back up. Thanks

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    • First of all I thin she is bipolar (i'm just kidding). But on a serious note I think she did that to embarrass as pay back because the night before she asked to get back together and i'm guessing you said no (I hope you said "no"). I think she this your best friend likes her so she was expecting him pick either your side or her side. She was expecting him to confront you for her. But I think you should tel your friend (nicely) that he should avoid her. Like anytime she tries to grope him tell him to tell her to stop. He dosen't have to just stand there. Tell him it makes you feel some type of way!! <3

    • Thanks for the advice. My friend HATES her and continually tells her no. Today she was really flirty and nice to me again. I just want her to leave me be

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  • Dude you're not happy with her, you should just break up. She doesn't value you, I really don't know why she wants to be with you if she's doesn't like being around you.
    You're losing your respect, and worst of all, your own confidence and self esteem.
    You'd be better if you break up and move on.

    • Thanks. I'm in the process of breaking up. Now she just needs to leave me alone. I

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