IS there still hope or I need to leave before it gets too deep?

My boyfriend and I been together for 2 years and we just broke up a month ago, at first he told me that he willing to make it work by trying couple counseling then a week later he said he don't want to try anymore and he is completely done with me. That hurt me really bad, he keep telling me he not talking to anyone, but he still want to remain friends every time I bring up something about us getting back together he just get mad and say I'm getting on his nerves. He texts me everyday sometimes even call. I just don't know what I am to him. One time I ignored him for one day and he text me a couple of times called me and even called my mom and wrote my aunt on Facebook. He even told me that we are going to get back together but his actions are different. I feel more as a friend than someone he has been with for a while. I told him I can't be friends with someone I loved. And I just keep talking to him because I have hope we are going to be back together but I don't know anymore I'm starting to lose hope maybe he is getting over me and I'm just stuck. Please help me out


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  • Yeah... the way you described him this guy is a little messed up, you might want to completely cut him off and move on because he's trying to play games with you or isn't, emotionally enough intact to figure out how he feels which will lead to a ridiculous amount of drama down the road.

    • It's just hard to. I really want to be with him but yeah you are right I will have to complety cut him off.

    • I know it's hard but think about this... while you try to stay with this guy who said he is "completely done with you" your blocking the space for the one who was made for you.

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  • what @TheEpicOne said. He seems pretty messed up. And confused. Id say you cut him off completely. Find to help find another guy to get your mind off of him a little


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