How do I make the year go by fast?

my ex and i were together 8 years and we split bc it was ithis senior year and im at college and it would be hard to see each other, but we said we'd get back together if he came to my university. that was a week ago and he's in a relationship with this girl now. I don't know what to think and my thoughts are eating me and all of my friends have stopped talking to me and i can't bring myself to eat much of anything. how can i get myself together to get through this year?


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  • I'm sorry, that's terrible! What you need to do is get your mind off of him. If he won't get into contact with you or make an effort to see you, his true colors are obviously starting to show. Things will probably work out, but there's no sense killing your mental state and happiness in the meantime. Focus on yourself, first. Do whatever you can to feel confident in yourself. You're a woman, you're strong, and you're young. Good luck

    • i haven't talked to him in a week. my friends are avoiding me and im literally in my dorm everynight popping melatonin so i sleep

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    • you truly dont know how much your opptimism means, truly.

    • I'm always happy to help! It's definitely not the end of the world, he's just one guy out of a million anyways. I know he must mean a lot to you, but it's ok for you to be happy without him

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  • Get busy. That's what I do. Get so busy that you genuinely don't have the time to stop, catch a breath and think about him. Do all the things you've wanted to do. Whether it be classes, a new hobby, little jobs here and there. Do it. Get busy. Do things that will not only make you happy but get you somewhere. Read, obtain knowledge for it is power. Do not let your thoughts go to waste by thinking of him.


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