Em's partner smacking my children?

My ex and I are divorced and there are no custody orders in place at the moment. We have a parenting plan in place and I get our two children as much as I can. We live in different states so it's usually holidays and long weekends. I have them with me now

I've just found out that my ex has moved in her new boyfriend and he has smacked my two girls on a few occasions. I actually don't know what to do. I'm due to hand the children back tomorrow but both of us decided we weren't going to let anyone smack our children. We have a parenting agreement in place with states this. What should I do?



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  • Absolutely inform her of what the kids told you, and if you don't like her response.. go to the state... make sure the kids aren't making this up.. ask your ex, and the partner face to face.. you'll be able to tell if it's more going on or not.. go from there. .. just don't tell her separately...
    makes sure u get them both together.. it's a possibility she doesn't know


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