Should I contact my ex? He said he didn't want to lose touch?

we were together 8 years and he told me he wanted to keep in contact, we haven't talked in a week, also he has a new girlfriend. Should I wait for him to contact me? Or wait a while and contact him?
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  • Let him contact you. The ball is his court now.

    • okay. this Wednesday it will be 2 weeks since we talked. do you think he will contact me?

    • Can't really say but he might.

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  • He may not contact you.
    You're the ex and he has a new girl he's trying to make things work with.
    The new girl may not love the idea of him talking to his ex, and he may not feel comfortable talking to his ex while he's trying to date a new girl, and he doesn't know how she'd feel about it.

    It's hard to say.
    I'd let him come to you at this point.
    Him having a girlfriend changes the game a bit.


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