Why do people think that revenge on someone will make you feel bad?

I don't understand. I cheated on my partner after they cheated on me and I didn't feel bad. I felt better because he was bursting with anger.


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  • Well it should "eventually". Revenge is toxic, it never really helps the person committing the act. Just lessens your own dignity.


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  • Everyone is different. Eventually, with time, you might start to feel bad for what you did. I do find this saying, true: "two wrongs do not make a right" In a way, it does depend on the circumstance. If I were to get revenge on someone who ate my food, by stealing a greater amount of their food, then I probably would not feel bad. If I were to get revenge on someone who hit my car, by crashing into theirs and injuring them, then yes, I would feel bad. Revenge is something you should really think through before you decide on using it. It can easily damage both parties. However, If you set boundaries and know what would be taken 'too far', then by all means do it.


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  • It just doesn't work for me. Too hollow.
    I believe in Karma.
    That said if it works for you, I say go with it.


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