Why when you stop "replying" to your ex, that's when you have their full attention?

What kind of game is it? Is written on stone we will never be. He's done IM DONE, but lately I just moved on and met someone and now he wants to text me asking how I been. Or why aren't I replying anymore... Like why doesn't he be happy with me not wanting to talk to him anymore?


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  • They will defintely try to contact you if they miss you and are too proud to come out and TELL you that!

    If they're just being polite, the'll think you have moved on and won 't be bothered by sudden silence.

    • so the fact that he has been bothered by my sudden silence ( no reply ) it means he is still hung up on me or being a spoil brat

    • Yes, one or the other!

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  • People often want what they can't have.
    When he thought you didn't have anyone else, he was like "Meh, whatever."
    But when you became someone who had moved on, someone who had someone else, he's getting a little jealous and wants what he can't have (even if he doesn't REALLY want it, people often come out of nowhere when they know you have someone new).
    I would continue ignoring him, if I were you.


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  • Who cares? He's your ex. Stop trying to figure things, Then you will have truly moved on.


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