Why dose ex husband keep close to there ex and have someone else?

My ex husband still keeps contact between him and I... but he has someone else... This girl has been chasing after for years... When we were dating she was calling him all the time... even when we were married... she was a booty. call to him before we meet... after we divorced they started talking... When I confront him about if they are dating he denies it. But they talk all day through out the day and night on the phone... I don't believe him when. He tells me they are not dating... to me it seems it.. or he can be telling me the truth...


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  • I'm not sure why it matters at all.
    You say he's kept in contact with you... are you guys still romantically involved in any way?

    • Yes we are

    • Ahh, you guys are still romantic too?
      Yeah, that's a recipe for disaster.
      He could be telling you the truth, but someone talking day and night, they're probably at least SOMETHING to each other.

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  • Who cares? He's your ex. Never deal with ex's. As you can see it's nothing but pain and confusion.


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