Why is this happening? Am I crazy?

I recently broke up with a girl who I had a very strange relationship with... I met up with her in 3 different countries across the world, and we had some amazing times.
She moved on without saying anything and next thing you know it was all over Facebook with her and this new dude.
Even though I was sort of ok with it ( it had been nearly 3 months since we saw each other ) It still hurt like crazy... and still does.
Anyway, about 1 week ago ( Its been about a month since the bust up) I asked her if we could be mates considering the crazy times we shared across the world. She said " Why? What is the point"? ... I replied with its a peace offering thats all... She replied with some bullshit answer I didn't like.
She then deleted all of our photos off Facebook, and so I unfriended her, I also unfollowed her off instagram, deleted all photos and all contact details.
Since a week ago, we have both changed our profile pictures twice within an hour of each other... I only know this because mutual friends have told me..
So my question is this... Is there something in this? Are we playing games with each other without realising? Why is this happening?

Girls... help please
After a week since we stopped talking last night she sent me a message saying

"You changed your look a lot - looking healthy :)"

This is after I unfriended her. I am not really sure if I should reply or how to reply


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  • Better just move on. It's just jealousy. An this is not a game. She just wants to make you more jealous, but does not want to be with you.


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