He acts like he doesn't care about our breakup, does he really not care?

I dated this guy for three months which I know might not seem like a big deal but we are in 10th right now so it kind of is for us. Highschool relationships don't usually last anyways. But before me and this guy dated he used to make out with every girl. Any girl that would let him. And that really bothered me but I liked him to much and hoped that he changed and was a one girl kinda guy now. we went through a stage when we were "in love" but it was just lust and it was very short. So I'm guessing once a player always a player right? Cuz now he's back to all his other hoes. But he told me he liked me more then any other girl. I also know he used to have a huge crush on me before we really talked and thought I was way out of his league so he was kind of shy at first which he usually is never shy. But it just hurts to think did I care way more then he ever did? Because literally this is how our break up went he said "do you wanna break up?" And I said "I was thinking the same thing" and he replied with "ass hole" but honestly I really didn't want to but it was embarassing for me that a guy a year younger then me was breaking up with me. the reason he wanted to break up was because he was tired of hiding it from his mom because she didn't approve of me dating him for whatever reason. Probably because we are like family friends. After that we never really talked but I saw him once a lax game and he was acting really immature, everytime he passed me him and his friends would say my name over and over.. Then that night he face timed me and I didn't answer so he started texting me all this mean stuff. Why is he being such a jerk? We broke up 3 months ago and he's already dated 2 girls since then. And it's weird because before me he just used girls. and they're both freshman, they weren't attractive and he only dated them for like a week each. Do you think it's a part of his using girls thing. And he thinks that maybe if he gives them a relationship they'll make out withhim


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  • i think ego plays a role... he wouldn't bother texting if he didn't care by the way you need to sand for urself when he acts immature

    • But I don't know how He calls me stupid all the time and stuff lol how should I respond?

    • if you are family friend yoy can talk to his mother also when he calls you stupid stuff just say stop acting like a immature little kid or you just can't keep uo to guys so you pick on girls?
      just do what you feel right but don't make him feel that u are vulnerable

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  • i think he cares, he wouldn't bother texting you if he didn't care.. I think it is because of his pride..


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