I know it's over but why would he say in message that he will see me again?

I broke up with someone 2 weeks ago (only dating 9 weeks) - and it was my fault :( I have never done this, but I checked the messages on his phone (no comments needed, I am very ashamed of it). He kept getting text messages and then smiling at me and acting strangely. He knows I had a partner who cheated regularly. He was dating other women but when I said I should date other men, he said "no". He didn't see me checking his phone, I told him what I had done, and that I was so sorry and never done anything like this before.

I left his place before he got up cause I was embarrassed. I sent him text the next day to say sorry and he said - we need a break and then we'll see. I said is it a permanent break and he said "no". I sent another 3 texts but he didn't respond until the last one (which I sent a day later) - which he said "thanks, I'll see you soon".

I won't send any more - and I haven't. I miss him so much :(

I know it's all over now - and I am hurting so much :( Why wouldn't he just end it though - why leave me hanging :( Is this some form of punishment that a guy would do?


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  • He's your ex now, so just ignore it all and don't try to figure it out.

  • what you did was wrong in a relationship everyone needs there privacy text him again or go over to his place and tell him how sorry you are he knows he can not trust you with his personal thing like a phone or even his computer one thing I can say is me and my wife never go through each others phone or each other computers only time I get in my wife's computer is to adjust something on it and wither phone earse all her calls she either made or got even then I do not see what numbers there is on my wife's phone


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