Would this drive an ex crazy?

My ex broke up with me for complicated reasons (job issues, long distance, scheduling conflicts --not because no love or someone else etc)

Anyways, Guys and girls, how do you feel when you see an ex that has their life more in order? Like I've lost weight, been hanging out with a bunch of new people, got a great job that he know is my dream job

How do you feel seeing that an ex's life is going great?


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  • I never pay much attention to my ex's lives. Sometimes people tell me things about them... I just don't care unless they are in my life actively trying to reconnect with me for some reason. Then obviously I'm going to observe what is happening, but my feeling will be mixed on all of it...


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  • I don't deal with my ex's so I never know. I don't care enough TO know.

  • i think he'll ignore you LOL


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