Perspective required. What's he playing at? Does he miss me? Is there hope?

Hi guys. I could do with a bit of perspective. im 27 years old and after 3 years of being single, in April this year I met my Mr right. I felt we were on the same page and were progressing. We lived 50 miles apart but had no problem with that. I knew his fiance had split with him in February and obviously that's a blow. He moved from London to Manchester for a new start and met me. He didn't seem to let the hurt from his past relationship come between us. In July he said he felt he was falling for me. I was elated. Strangely, in August, I started getting a sense something wasn't right. I couldn't put my finger on it, call it women's intuition. But I felt the more I took a step forward, the more he took a step back. I felt he lost his spark, his enthusiasm. I knew he wasn't 100% happy in his new job so I put it down to that and supported him. Last week we split up after I travelled to Manchester to see him and he had forgotten I was coming and not even looked at his phone. I think that spoke volumes about the difference in our commitment. We spoke and he just seemed too unwilling to fight for me. He said he cared deeply for me but didn't love me yet. He didn't want us to split up but understood I wanted some guarantee of a future, but he couldn't give me that at this stage and it wasn't fair. He let me walk away. He text me saying I meant too much to him not to have me in his life and he would like to when I feel ready. I assume he meant as friends. I haven't contacted him in 5 days. And I'm not going to. I want him to see what life is like without me in it. He sent me a brief letter yesterday with money for some concert tickets I bought for us. He said "I understand you won't want to go with me" as if this was MY decision! He said he was thinking of me, hopes I was ok and to take care. What is his game? I know he's confused, do you think there could be hope once he's had space and time to think? Did he send the letter and money hoping id contact him? X
I failed to specify that I bought the concert tickets when we were together, obviously not realising we would break up. in his letter he told me to take a friend and enjoy myself. Sending the money and letter was unnecessary. I didn't ask for it


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  • Maybe that concert was for you and him to get together and try and reconnect who knows your just gonna have to let him worth things out cause like you said he does sound confused


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