Lost and confused about this break up :'(?

To make a long story short, 2 years ago my good friend and I started going out on dates and spending more time with each other. I never made the move or kissed her cause I was afraid. Needless to say she got cold feet and we stopped talking for a little bit.

We reconnected over this past summer and started hanging out again. She, at the time had a bf but things were a little rocky. They broke up and her and I got a little more serious. there's extremely good chemistry between her and I and everyone can see it. I was taken out of the friend zone and became her bf. Well we dated for a few weeks and due to our schedules, we didn't see each other much for a little bit. She's finishing up her sr year in college and trying to get into pharmacy school.

A week ago, she surprised me and came to my house. We went mini golfing, things were awesome. No red flags of any kind. well this past wed. I met her at her parents house for dinner. Again things were great no red flags. We kissed good bye and she said that she misses me.

The very next day, I noticed she wasn't acting her self. Later that afternoon, she said we need to "talk". I knew it wasn't going to be good. We talked and she dumped me. She said she wants to finish her last year of college without any distractions. And she needs to find her self.. ? With the events leading to the break up, things don't add up and I'm confused. I believe that her and I can have a great relationship. But I don't know what to do. I want to fight for what I believe in.. I'm going to give her space for a week, before I can talk to her. I just don't really know what to say or do that wouldn't hurt my chances with her. I miss her sooo much and want her back!!

Help :'(


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  • most of times girls giving confused signals to their man. but its depends on certain age too. in my experience you have to leave her alone and let her to make first move. you did your part already. never ever show yourself desperate. if she really want you, she will back to you. like first time she did. my mate enjoy your life you are young. remember there is plenty girls for you. be strong. good luck

    • I know..:( I just don't want to be back in the friend zone again. Especially now since her and I have history. She also told me that she'll give me the space that I need. And when I'm ready, to contact her... But needless to say I shouldn't ask to talk to her after a week or so?

    • Oh ya, she's also 23.. So I don't know if that plays a factor at all..

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