So did he never love me?

I was in a relationship for 13 months and the first month he asked when we would have sex and I said not yet. Then I found out that he told everyone we did but he said he never did and I believed him. He also told me a bunch of other lies the whole time :/ I didn't find out until 3 months after he dumped me. He was hinting to me that he was going to dump me a month before he actually did. When he dumped me he made me sound like I did everything bad like cheated on him, abused him and all that. I never did any of that I loved him so much. He also spread rumours that I had STDs and that stuff. Then I just heard that he's been telling everyone that he's never been in love. I'm just wondering if he just used me for sex or if it was a bet or whatever. He told me that his best friend wanted to date me for just about a year and around 6 months he was going to use me for sex so he would have experience. And thats actually somewhat of what my ex did...


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  • If he did love you, he didn't do it very well. Try not to let it get to you too much, just work on moving on and find someone who is more honest and receptive to your needs when you are ready again.

    • Thankyouu :) I'm like 90% over it some of the time and other times im just not. I see him all the time in the hallway at school and yea :/

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  • No and you deserve much better! Don't let this experience ruin your future ones though! Not all guys are like him

    • Thankyouu :) nobody deserves that really and I hope I dont run into another guy like him. I'll be more wiser for the future tho

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  • Well with that kind of love, who needs hate? Sounds like an ass to me.


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