How do I stop this madness with my ex?

It has been 2 years and I just can't seem to get over him. And he knows he can easily play me. At first I had been very immature and hurt him very bad. But he came back and we had a fucking nice time, I was so damn in love. And then, when summer came, everything broke down. But even after that he would come back and treat me the worst way I have ever been treated. But I still can't forgive myself of the things I did to him. It's like everything good I have done and everything bad he has done never happened. And I can't help but going crazy everytime I think of us (all the time). One moment I am imagining of giving him everything, all the love I can give and the next I get furious, because of how I let him play me. Anyone having felt this way before? How do I make it stop? :(
How do I let go when this feeling is the strongest I have ever felt?


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  • Consider your future with this guy.

    Is it one filled with happiness? With someone who cares for you? Treats you fairly? Appreciates you?

    You should also keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, however that doesn't mean that those who have been hurt should take advantage of this, nor should they make them feel as if they're continuously 'owed' anything.

    You deserve good things in life, make a choice of what you allow into your life based on this mentality.


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