I don't understand my ex boyfriend?

I broke up with my bf 8 months ago, and during this time, we haven't spoken to each other at all until he contacted me last week. I still had feelings for him and told him this... He hasn't replied/ responded to me- or I guess he has. He calls me his friend. Which I guess is the right choice of words. However, I just don't get him. Every time we talk and say our goodbyes, he leaves statuses like, "I'm so confused but that's nothing new" and other things similar to that. Do you guys know what the heck is going on? Is he just playing around with me? Or is he just saying that to see my reaction? I'm so frustrated. I'm in the process of forgetting about him completely, but whenever he writes those type of things, I get so confused and I don't know what's right anymore. Please, I need someone's opinion on this!


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  • Be cautious. It will be awhile for either of you to get over your intimate feelings for each other. Eventually you can be just friends, and may even never see each other. But it will take time. But also be cautious, if it continues after a cpl of weeks, and he keep pressuring it, then he may be trying to play with your feelings. The best thing to do is not repsond, and ignore his comments. And if he asks if you got the text, then just say, "yeah i was just busy", and switch the subject. Eventually it will get easier.


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