Nasty Break up - now ex has contacted me?

Me and my ex broke up in one of the nastiest ways possible and now after 1 month she has contacted me

She said " You've changed your look a lot - looking healthy :)

Not sure if I should respond or how to respond? Help


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  • If she dumped you for some other guy and then came back, then don't take her back so easily. If you do it, she will dump you again. Tell her you need some time to decide, and let that time go on like FOREVER lol. Seriously though, if you are making her wait, she won't wait for you for too long if her feelings are fake.

    • see i don't know if she is trying to come back? she is apparently with some other guy?

    • Then, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Cool :)

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  • Don't, if she broke up with you in a nasty way, then she's a dumb ass.

    • I agree. DON'T DO IT.

    • I hate to sound like a pussy - but this girl and I have an international history... and its hard as fuck.

    • Dude, trust me on this. Nothing is worst then getting back with a girl who hurt you. i mean, u will never forget it. Plus the fact that she's capable of doing it again. Its hard man, but u gotta say no, for your own good.

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  • Can you give anymore information on your relationship and the breakup?

    • together for 6 months, travelled across the world. Looked after her, cared for her when she was having a bad time. Dumped me for some other dude without telling me.

    • I'd just ignore her. It might not of been a significant relationship to her. So just move on yourself

  • just say thanks... but that is it... dont respond if she tries to keep the convo going


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