My ex broke up with me because he said the spark is "gone"?

Im 29 year old female.
My boyfriend broke up with me because he said that the spark is gone and he can't see a future with me. (Ouch). We were supposed to meet for lunch that afternoon when he did it and this is what I got in return.. We have been having issues before because we hardly get a chance to see each other as it is. I have a daughter which takes up most of my time. Therefore I always put my daughter first. I was very fond of him. I think we could've had something. But when he called that day he just layed it all out. But I didn't understand if he felt like that for a long time why he didn't say anything before. He kept saying how sorry he was. He felt like this for a long time. He said he was thinking about his happiness too. We were supposed to meet up that week after he broke up with me to just talk because he said he still wanted to be friends. I have yet seen him and its been 2 weeks. Since I didn't hear from him 4days later I sent him a via text message because he didn't want to meet up i guess and I let him know that I respect his decision. You can't force someone to love you. Even though I never said it to him. I felt strong feeling for him. I think the distance put a big gap in our relationship. But the fact that he didn't want to "try" to work it out. Really hurts. We were usually very blunt with each other and left me very confused because he said he had felt like this for a long time. Not sure what to think or feel about it. I just know I feel hurt and confused. Especially since he couldn't tell it to my face after dating for almost a year. He also mentioned that the reason he broke it off with me via text message was because he still wanted to be friends with me and be cool with me. And still cares a lot for me. Not sure what my next step is...
Maybe there's a shot in the future or just move on?


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  • I support your decision to make your daughter your priority. Inevitably it comes with a cost; relationship will be more difficult to manage. And there was the distance factor, which makes it even harder. I know it hurts when you realise the other person is less willing to put up a fight for your relationship. It's frustrating but it's not your fault. You simply deserve a better one. Focus your energy now on improving yourself; it would help you get a better one and help you get over this one. Good luck!


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  • Don't blame yourself for anything. Your a mother and your child should be number 1 over anyone. The fact that he texted a break up, and didn't bother to try and have a conversation with you over what he was feeling says a lot. Maybe he freaked out after a while and realized a woman with a child is noth something he could handle. If you want to "be friends" do it but it'll be best for you to move on. You will find a man eventually that understands that you are a package deal. Good luck to you girl


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  • "He also mentioned that the reason he broke it off with me via text message was because he still wanted to be friends with me and be cool with me"

    LOL... please. This is bullshit. He's just a weak person who is too afraid to break up with you face 2 face. Face 2 face is more respectful than sending a tex message. He didn't even call? LOL.

  • Move on, I may be young and u think I don't know much but move on u deserve someone better.


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