Should I look for a confrontation?

He canceled on me when I was already having an awful day.
I felt outraged and I told him I didn't want to see him again,
I obviously didn't mean it.
I was going through a huge deal of pain for other reasons and I gotta say he showed little interest, probably also because he didn't understand the gravity of it.
Fact is, I haven't heard anything from him in 3 days.
I really want a confrontation, cause I hate messaging or calls when it comes to this kind of stuff.
I either need closure or see if he's actually interested in me.. Suggestions? X
My brain was bursting, i was drunk, I couldn't bare to explain.
Yes, I was a bit of a bitch if I'm honest, but his reaction was quite distant. I was crushing to the ground and when I told him that I wanted to see him he pulled back
Point is, I would really like to salvage things if I can cause I do care about him.
That was probably the worst day in my life and I feel dreadfully that he had somehow to witness it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • So, you were in a drunken rage, were rude to him, told him you didn't want to see him again, and the word you use to express interest in talking to him again is CONFRONT rather than APOLOGIZE?

    You've lost that guy. Why would a health person choose to potentially deal with that again? Yeah, you weren't feeling well, really sorry that was the case, but that's no excuse--adults don't behave that way, and he responded accordingly.

    Sorry to be a bit tough, but you need to use this experience as a self-improvement lesson. Treat a guy with respect, he'll stick around, if you don't, a self-respecting man will leave.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He most likely didn't know what was going on with you in detail. He has lost interest in you at this point, sounds like you both were relatively new to each other dating wise. Most people, esspecially guys do not want to deal with a person who shows hositlity or any sign of anger too soon. Disappointment would have saficed but if you became enraged, which it's almost clear that you did because you want a confrontation hoping for closure, you most likely won't get it because in his book, he's already had too much. Three days no contact, followed by days to come is the closure you're going to get and your emotions got the better of you and that's your reason why. Unfortunately, you came of quarrelsome. Try not to waste anymore time on him and move forward. Best wishes!! Salut!


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What Guys Said 3

  • "I gotta say he showed little interest, probably also because he didn't understand the gravity of it." Did you bother to explain the gravity of it? Guys aren't mind readers you know. Maybe he thought YOU were the one being a bitch since you got so pissed off at him for canceling. Maybe he was having an awful day too?

  • My suggestion is if you contact him at all, is to apologize to him for how you acted.
    He doesn't know what's going on in your head or your life. You blowing up on him was uncalled for and he was right not to contact you after you said to leave you alone.

    • Basically, you have to explain yourself and apologize. He did nothing wrong so don't use anything he said or did as an excuse

  • If he is interested he will hit you up..


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  • if he is unwilling to be there for you when your at your worst the he is not worth your time. Then again he could be giving you some space. Did you tell him it was a mistake what you said? Go ahead have a little faith and make that call or text have him hear you out. What do u have to lose?


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