Why am I crying do I still love him or what?

So my ex-bf broke my virgin my family and some of his knew we dated. Today his sister send him to me to come and collect something. So he knocked on my door and I open and saw two girls sitting in his car. So I gave him what his sister send him for. I saw him months ago and my heart beated faster when I saw him. When he left I started to feel sad, tears started falling down my cheeks. Why do I feel like this? why? am I not over him or what I never picture that I would cry over him mxm so confused


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  • I don't think if is love, but the feeling that remains after it disappears. The regrets, the ache, the desire to feel the same again, the hurt in your chest when you saw that he moved on with other people, the disappointment of him not reflecting your sadness... are normal things after a love story ends. You don't necessarily want to be with him again, as much as you miss the feeling of love, the feeling of being protected, admired, wanted. It's even more harder if you have to see him often; that just reminds you of all that you had & all that you've lost.
    You just need time to recover. You're not ready to move on; usually the one who loves the most forgets the hardest...
    Give yourself time and try to avoid him. The feeling will go away at some point, i'll assure you :)

    • Thanks a lot I'll try my best. Really do appreciate it<3

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