Will he come back? Or is it really over?

My exboyfriend and i were dating for a year.
Last 2 of months of our relationship my exboyfriend and i were rocky , we would fight over stupid silly things and one point i was so angry i 'ended' things with him, right away i took it back. I knew i Messed up but he told me no, that he was going through with my decision? then he confessed he wasn't feeling a connection for weeks which just devastated me because i was ALWAYS honest with him, he told me he was scared of telling me? Eventually we were 'broken' up for a few days then i went to his house to return his sweaters and when we saw eachother we cried, and we kissed. I went home and he texted me telling me he made the biggest mistake of his life. Anyway, we were okay.. then we weren't. Things just got bad but we still worked through them, at least I did. He would go from "its not fair for you to be with someone who doesn't feel the same way about you anymore" to "its not over" to "i love you so much, i miss you'' to eventually "i dont think we're gonna last'' ''i feel like im too young for a serious relationship'' and when we would fight he would let his anger take over.. Eventually we saw eachother in person and he broke things off, then he took it back, then he said he was 100% sure of his decision just to come to tell me ''i think im being too quick on this decision'' when he was! he even told me ''next week, we're going on a date and we're going to wear the same clothes we wore the first day we met''.. just so he can leave me? .. he told me he was unhappy and felt obligated to be with me. He blocked my number and he's been ignoring me, calls and everything. I feel like i meant nothing to him, but he 'left'' me about 4 times during that rocky period. was he confused? I feel like the fighting him made him think negative of our relationship? was he so glued to the fact we were never going to fix things that he just left like a coward? i miss him so much, this is so hard


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  • He was very confused and he does care. It sounds like he is going through some stuff inside and needs time and space to sort it out. Life is funny sometimes we suddenly realize we have changed a lot and where we are just doesn't fit. Its very possible that while he cares you may just no be his fit anymore. Give it time and distance.


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  • Honestly, judging from what you wrote, it sounds like HE has absolutely what he wants and is all over the place, those kind of mixed signals doesn't seem to be good for you. He's confused as hell and is just dragging you through the mud with his rocky decision.


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  • He was probs giving you signs he wanted a little more from you. Also he might be like me I dont like to fight because when i do it takes me a long time to forgive give him time alone give him a break maybe his thoughts are lost don't annoy him if he hasn't responded is because his thinking he can do what he wants with you in my opinion just finish with him before he breaks you even more


    • i know, but what kills me and makes him seem really immature is that he can't even pick up the phone and talk to me, why this and that happened why he said that, but i can't force someone to talk to me so i just have to let it be. \: he's one of the sweetest guys ever but i'm still surprised he lied to me, about his feelings. thank you, honestly.

    • look your a really pretty girl and trust me girls like you are the ones that get played around with because everyone thinks they just want dick, he thought your dirty so he went out with you he wanted to see how far you were willing to go and when he saw you didn't go as far as he wanted to he reacted in a immature manner, next time try to really know the guy well and know what his real reason going out is. I'm not one of those type of guys but i do know a lot of them thats why i can tell myself from the start he just did it cause he thought he was hot stuff and needed a hot girl not because he really liked you but because you liked your body. Sorry it had to end like that

    • First of all, no. I know my ex better than anyone else and he didn't go out with me because he thought I was dirty and for some guys like you to think that a girl got dumped because he wanted sex? Yeah that's not THE CASE, and that's very annoying. I dated him for a YEAR and 4 months, we TALKED for 6 months until we were official. So don't tell me to date a guy until I get to know him. Yeah he acted immature and he took the breakup hard too but I know him and he's NOT like that. Thanks bye.

  • You need to give him 2weeks of no calls or text or anything just drop dead to him basically he needs to think what to do he's lost and emotionless. Doesn't know what to do or say. That's y he was confused. He doesn't know what to say. So just wait 2 weeks minimum. Hope it works out for y'all. And please read my shy girl thread I need help.

  • It's sounds like a choppy relationship.
    My rule of advice: once you break up, do not get back together.


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