PLEASE HELP!!! Is this normal?

Okay so I was with this guy for 10 months, we broke up a year ago. Yet I'm still 100% in love him. I know its wrong because were friends now and, he has a gf (my friend) and I don't want to make any drama, but I don't think this is normal. So please help!!! I don't know how to get over him? 😟😟😟
I cry everyday, I just want to be with him, but I know its not gonna last forever so what's the point? Plus he has a gf and I know there gonna break up, but what do I do when that happens? I just don't know? 😩😥👷
Okay huge change he revealed that he loves me. And I revealed I love him to. Were not gonna homout and he is still with his gf but now I know that we both are in love with each other and I'm very happy. Now I have to decide if I should date him again


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  • It's perfectly normal. This happens to just about everyone at some point.

    The best way to fix this is to minimize your contact with that boy--don't be rude, but just stop talking to him/being around him. You may want to speak to him first to let him know that you still have some feelings and that it would be best if you didn't talk for a while so that you can get over him, that way his feelings don't get hurt or ruin your friendship. But then you need to stop talking to him until your feelings are gone. And when you have thoughts of him, you have to change what you are thinking about--you can do that.

    Next, you need to start talking to other boys. Doesn't mean you have to date them, just get used to the idea that there several billion of them on the planet, so you don't have to worry about liking just one :) And make sure you have fun with a bunch of female friends too.

    And most important: just remember friends/dating is all about fun. Don't take it too seriously. Hope that helps ;)

    • Okay well that's really good advice, but I have tried all of those things. Even trying to talk to some different guys, but nothing helps. So sorry but this advice just doesn't work for me.

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