X insist on texting me, then tells me he's been "down" finally gets my attention and doesn't reply? Wtf is that about?

So I've ignored him Since I got
Tired of chasing him, and decided to move on, now he wants to be all sensitive that I don't reply. So then FINALLY gets me to respond and says he's been down and it's nice to hear from someone special? I reply asking what was wrong and he doesn't reply. Does he wants me to chase him?


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  • Who cares? Ignore him. Especially since he's too lazy to actually CALL and TALK to you.

    • it would just be an awkward convo I guess texting makes people feel more comfortable he is not one to talk over the phone

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    • lol, I agree. I am more of a face to face person or CALL. but nowadays you get lucky if one calls you. he is lazy and arrogant

    • Exactly! All the more reason to move on, get away from social media and keep talking to people in the real world. :)

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  • Yeah sounds like he wants to be chased and wants your attention. You made a mistake by replying lol


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  • Well, why did the relationship end in the first place?

    • fighting to much he was stubborn. cold and arrogant, and it came a point that NO MATTER WHAT, he was right and I was wrong. so I called it quits he had internal issues

    • I see. Well, if your over him already, I would just brush it off unless he can actually prove something to be different.

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