I need help! I don't want to be doing this with him?

I really need advice please
Here goes my story
I was going out with my daughters dad for like 6 months its a long story how we got back together again anyways but those 6 months we started again , i broke up with him several times like 3 and he always took me back. We had our times together (Sex) and with protection. Well when i broke up with him he said fine if that is what you want. I thought he would take me back and no he didn't he said he was tired of me doing that He said to be friends because of our daughter. I got offended and told him we are not meant to be. He said i take it wrong all he wants to know is that we can be friends without fighting because the other times i always start the fights for dumb sex. Well now he's not my boyfriend but we have had sex like 3 times and i fell guilty i fell like he won't want me no more because he already gets what he wants. What should i do ? Please help me !!!


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  • You keep breaking up with him, and expecting him to take you back? That is the definition of insane! Stop fucking him, let him go do his own thing, and just be friends for the sake of your child!

    • I didn't realize you were under 18 until I posted. I stand by my opinion, however, I do realize you're young and naive, it's seriously time to let him go.
      "You cannot start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the previous one."

    • Thanks it actually help.

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  • Maybe you shouldn't be such a bitch. You keep breaking up with him and want him to take you back. Enough is enough and you have burnt your bridges.

    Maybe you should start with actually caring for him.. if you did you wouldn't have called him " my daughters dad" you would have used terms like my boyfriend, this guy, or my husband.

    Keep your legs shut, be friends with him, then if you can learn to tolerate each other maybe you can have an actual relationship so your daughter can have a normal life and won't have to be emotionally scared by your poor choices.


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