Bumped into my ex after 3 months of no contact and she starts crying saying seeing me makes her realise how lonely she is, CONFUSED?

Ok so i've just bumped into my ex of two years today, we have been split up for 3 months haven't spoken at all but we attend the same university so i reckoned this day would come sooner or later.

I just saw her and she was acting very nervous and awkward like looking away smiling and laughing at weird times covering her hands with her face etc,

Anyway she was asking me what i've been up to and i said not much just hanging out with friends and she said it's good to know i'm still having fun which i found kinda weird that she said that. Then she said seeing me makes her realise how lonely she is and i was just like don't be hard on yourself we all get lonely it's university. I look at her again and her eyes are watering and i'm like are you ok and then she says she's fine and then i'm like but your crying and then she got kind of defensive and said she's fine and i didn't want to probe her so i just said ok cool have a nice lecture and we parted.

It's really weird to me that she cried tbh, i mean brief history we broke up because she doesn't believe i will be a sucessful person in the future, she needs a sucessful man and she doesn't believe i'm going to be eventhough i'm studying to be a lawyer she doesn't think i will make it. She even said to one of her friends she will hate herself if i end up sucessful as i'm perfect, i never cheated or anything i just loved her unconditionally. Anyway she broke up with me 3 times over this same thing, so it's crazy to see her cry i mean she broke up with me 3 times then see's me after 3 months and cries?

Anyway what do you guys think this means? I was quite suprised as i thought she would be over the whole thing. Maybe because she saw that i was ok and not in some ditch having a terrible life after she broke up with me, that's why she felt bad. Or maybe she realised what she lost when she saw me i don't know, it's all just a little weird i mean she's the one who broke up with me why would she cry?


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  • She seems very immature to keep going back and forth. I did that once with someone (being broke up with and then getting back with him). It's under her regulations. Don't go back out with her because if she can't be with you and support you during your hard times, you'll always have to worry about her leaving when you need her most.

    • Yeah 100% won't be going back out with her i just felt like when she cried everything i felt was just validated, like i was thinking that dumping a guy who loved her over some shallow idea that they won't make it is wrong and she will regret it, seeing her cry just shows that she did regret it and that's enough for me that's all i needed.

      I don't even care if she wants me back or not, because there is no chance of that just the fact that she saw me looked at me and realised what she lost and cried was perfect i mean i'm not a cold guy i don't even wanna see someone i once cared about upset so hope she's ok but for me it's a perfect scenario she is just very immature. She will cry and miss me and then have let me go over the same shallow reasons i haven't got time for that, time to move on man

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    • Thanks a lot man i've been advised to message her and see if she's ok as she's used to say suicidal things when she was upset. Do you think i should message her?

    • No. I don't think you should because she could probably use that to get you back. She broke up with you, she's no longer your problem.

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  • Who cares what it means? It sounds like SHE left you, and so yeah she deserves to cry now that she realizes she made a terrible mistake.

    It's funny how women will end a relationship because of something they "think" that you can never really determine. They don't "THINK" you'll be successful or crap like that. You never know what life holds in store, and to me it's shallow that she would leave you for such a reason. She deserves her loneliness and hopefully it will open her eyes to not judge so quickly.

    You on the other hand, keep doing what you're doing and don't let her try to drag you down or play games with you.

    • Thanks a lot man your amazing, your advice has really touched me man. Tbh i feel exactly the same way seeing her like that just made me realise that i am a great guy and i am a loss to her whereas to me i think whatever happens in the future i've gained something by not being with someone like her.

      I mean regardless of what i'm doing i think it's shallow to leave someone based on future earning potential, tbh after she cried and i left, i walked of with the widest grin possible because you know what yeah cry your eyes out because i didn't do anything but love that girl, i didn't cheat on her didn't treat her badly didn't put anyone above her, i treated like a girlfriend should be treated and what did i get in return a shallow girl like her who thinks she deserves this and that from a guy.

      Tbh i think i needed that for my closure i feel a lot better about it now, i won't speak to her again man i'll just keep moving forward knowing that she messed up not me.

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    • You're welcome again! :) And It sounds like to me you've already been there since you said she came back already and then went back to her old self. In that case, I'm with you. Some people never change. Keep her away and do your own thing. A girl who respects you will come along.

    • Thanks a lot man that's true some people just don't change and that's not a bad thing i guess it just means your not compatible and you should just accept it and move on.

      Thanks so much for the advice man

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  • Forget her, I know a lot of women that are like that. They'll love you when you're up and kick you when you're down.

    • That is an amazing phrase man they'll love you when you're up and kick you when you're down totally sums up the situation man, yeah a lot of women are like that thing is what they don't realise is that a lot of them will just end up lonely because most guys ain't got time to be dealing with women like that.

      A good women will come around anyway

  • If a woman doesn't even believe in you, you don't want her in your life.

    • Thanks a lot man you should always strive to find someone who loves you unconditionally

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