Guys would you break up with a girl you like so that you can focus on your own life and still want to hang out with her?

We broke up almost a month ago... We have decided to be friend's he told me that he felt that he rushed into a relationship with me. I can understand that. I wished that we had just stated friends in the beginning tbh, and I told him that. Well, we've seen each other twice since our break up and now he asked if I wanted to hang out on his day off. I agreed. I really don't think he hates me, it seems like he does like me. I'm really kind of happy he doesn't hate me, because he's always been my cherished friend, even as a boyfriend... It's just weird, because I've never had a breakup to where we both disliked being in an actual relationship, but worked better as friends.


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  • Dunno, would depend on our relationship of course, but it's not something completely unheard of. If you're okay with it, go for it. If it doesn't work out, you can always call it quits later on.

  • Yeah I might, I probably wouldn't break up with her but I'd try to slow the relationship down just so I wouldn't get distracted from other aspect of my life.

    • Tonight was the first night we've been or showed any type of intimacy with each other. . . It was weird, but he just hugged me a lot. Even when he fell asleep, he wouldn't let go.

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