Been together with ex for 9 months. a lot happened in that time now its over. will she come back?

Ok, so I was going out with this girl for 9 months. during that time, a lot had happened in my life. 2 months into the relationship and my mum passed away. She was there for me and went to the funeral. She always helped me get through that stage of my life.

Secondly, 4 months into the relationship I lost my job. She also helped me through that stage of my life.

I always told her that I owe her everything and I will return the favour when needed.

We always did every thing together, we went to theme parks, cinema and everything was good!

Then something happened and we had a little argument. I left it for a few days as I didn't want to make it any worse.

When I spoke to her she said im not what she is after and she wanted to end it. So from there you could probably guess that I cried to her and begged her back but it just didn't work.

So I went into no contact and 10 days into it I broke it, I just couldn't deal with the breakup and asked if she was still mad at me. She said no but made excuses that i was too late to mend things then she ignored my texts after that.

2 days after that I sent another text saying if your still not mad at me, could we start a fresh and a clean slate and go again? her reply was 'no you need to move on, I don't want to get back with you.' so I replied with 'ok no problem' and haven't spoke to her since. that was 15 days ago.

is she just acting on impulse, will she come back? I am trying so hard to move on but with everything that went on in my life when I was with her, when I try to date or chat up a girl now I just can't stop thinking of her.


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  • talk to her!(:

    • The last time I spoke to her, she told me to move on :/ ...

    • well then I don't know

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