Confused. Will he come back?

I dated a guy for two months. Although it was a short relationship, it was very involved. He told me he loved me very soon in the relationship, said he was obsessed with me, would do anything for me, wanted to marry me and called me by his last name, had an album in his phone of what he wanted our wedding to be like, even cried once saying he'd be devastated if I left him. But we got into a small argument, basically me telling him he hurt my feelings for something he did, and he just took offense and gave up on the relationship, although it was something that could've easily been worked through. Since then, the only time he's texted is to ask for help "getting off" because I'm the only one who can help him according to him. I asked if he still cares about me and he said "why wouldn't i, really" like I should already know. Then when I asked to start over, all he said was "I don't want to talk about this right now, it'll just start drama". So since I told him I wasn't gonna help get him off since we weren't together, I've texted him too many times, mainly during times I'm really upset and missing him, but he hasn't responded. I know I shouldn't have done this, but I can't undo it now. I've told him to just tell me to leave him alone or block me, but he hasn't done either. I'm not normally one who gets too deep in a relationship, but this time I did because he was pretty insistent and I trusted him and gave him all of me. He even insisted on meeting my parents, and me meeting his far before I would've normally done so. But now I'm the one who ended up heartbroken. I do have more to offer than him, a job, degree, own place, independent, and he lives at his parents and is in community college to be a machinist, and he is 2 years younger. What are the chances he will come back, even after I've acted desperate? I am no longer trying to contact him, but I can't undo what I've already done. We really had good chemistry, and I loved him.


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  • He doesn't want you despite what he told you. Someone that easily walks away from a relationship was never that invested in it. He's not coming back


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