Should I go to a party where she's at?

So there was this girl, lets name her Emily, that lead me on for 6 months and constantly juggled me and her ex. In the end, she said that it's better to forget about her and to let go. I was hurt tremendously of course because she made it seem like we would be able to go out, but that wasn't the case. Afterwards, she and her ex went back out.

So now, recently, my friend, Casey, invited me to her Halloween party. I really really want to go, but Emily and her ex, well now her boyfriend, will be there since she is also apart of Casey's circle of friends. I know for sure it's going to hurt a lot when I see them because, after all of that, I still like her. But at the same time, I really want to go, plus I haven't seen Casey and that circle of friends in a while, AND there's going to be a girl there that i'm interested in and have been wanting to talk to.

Also, I will add that I cut off Emily and haven't seen her for 3 months.

So now my question is, should I go or should I skip out? Also I will add that it's a house party. And also, like I said earlier, Emily and her bf are apart of Casey's friend circle, so there's always a high chance Emily will be there whenever Casey makes an event.

An explanation as to why or why not will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.


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  • I dealt with this in January. A guy with mutual friend led me on left me for his ex now current etc. insulted me etc i cut him off but had to see him at the gym still a few times a week... its not good. dont go if you secretly want to see her or show her you're better off or see if she still wants you etc, those are signs you are not over her. GO if you only want to see some other girl and talk to her etc. The fact you are asking this tells me you are not fully over this girl so id advise wait a little while longer before you start interactions again.


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  • go to the party!!! Just because her and her new boyfriend will be there doesn't matter, they are your friends too! I would go to the party and either bring a super hot date or talk to a super hot girl there show and have fun with your friends and ignore her and make her realize what a great guy she lost! that's her problem not yours!! Have fun and put your best smile on even when it hurts just remember that someone else way better then her is out there for you!


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