Help please I'm in a jam!!!

I haven't spoken to my ex in over 5 weeks n then I sent him my new number as we all hang out in the same group we had a laugh n joke n then 2 days later my friend texts him off my phone looking to be friends with benefits pretending it was me he was very nasty, how do I tell him it wasn't me or will he belive me and I don't get how he can be nice one day n a prick the next when he has drink in him he's all chat sober he's a douce I know he's shy n I know he always needs Dutch courage to talk to woman but does he sound like 2 different people or am I mistaken


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  • Just get someone you know in the group to say. "Hey you know that was ____ who sent the message and not ____". And leave it at that. Otherwise just move one. You shouldn't have sent him your new number either. No contact for the first couple months. If you run into each other that's fine just no phone communication. Every circumstance is different, but here it sounds like it should be applied.


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