Should I break up with him? Some problems with him and his parents?

I've been with my boyfriend almost 2 years and 5 months now.
( we both are 27) I know he is trying to be a nice guy to me and actually he is.. well.. sort of. There are some minor problems like all of relationships have. I am not a perfect girl and I don't push my man to be a perfect guy. However, I seriously don't understand him sometimes. He loves his parents too much. IT'S REALLY GOOD THING. I don't blame him about this. The problem is that their parents do something ridiculous.

First, they have too much debts and my boyfriend is the only one who earns money in his family. (his younger brother is a trouble maker in his family, but he is in army now) He works from 7 am to 9~10pm every day. He only sleeps a couple of hours. He doesn't have any day-off which means he has no time to hang out with me. He comes to my home to see my dogs&me and sleep for few hours. Since he has 2 jobs to pay off the parents debts, I feel very lonely. My mom passed away last winter, so maybe it was just horrible timing for me. Also, he's been having some health problems and it's getting worse due to overwhelmed working. MOREOVER, his mother used to like taking pictures. Who doesn't like taking pictures, by the way? She enrolled a college to study for it. It sounds awesome, but who will pay for the tuitions? ... Yes... my boyfriend.

In short, his parents have no jobs but increase their debts. Now, they are planning to buy a house in Miami. You can assume what they expect to my boyfriend... HORRIBLE. Well if my boyfriend thinks it is a problem, nothing bothers me. However, he thinks everything is his responsibility. My boyfriend doesn't earn so much. I pay for every things when we meet. (If we go to a market, he put some items he needs and I pay, and takes it to his home)

He is my boyfriend, not my husband. It's very exhausted to keep this relationship. If his parents' problems can be solved, i think there will be no problem between us. What can I do for this situation?
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  • well to be honest his finanacial problems will become yours if you ever get married... plus they already kinda are... he's paying his parents debt and taking care of them so he cannot afford to spend anything on you... hell barely himself... talk to him about it... but i doubt hell pick you over taking care of his parents... his parents are very horrible for doing this to him... if nothing changes i suggest you dump him... your healths bad and worries and stress will only make it worse... so in that case.. i would say dump him if nothing changes...


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