Help me, how do I get over her?

Ok, I dated my best friend for a year and a half. In fact it has been exactly 1 year since we broke up today. Now like I said she is my best friend so I've continued to be her friend but I still love her... When she tells me about these other guys and how she's been hooking up with guys (she let a guy she knew for less than a month fuck her anal) and I get soo pissed and I can't stand it... What do I do? I sorta fucked up because I apologized and said that I wanted to be friends after a fight... What do I do? I can't stand this feeling of loving someone who doesn't love me...


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  • if you want to get over her why dont you try to tell her how you feel? the way you said on the title shows me that you dont care whether you want to be with her again or not. tell her your feelings if you want and see where it'll lead... your choice

  • Man, you need to stop talking to her. You're going to drive yourself bonkers. She's not into you anymore. I went through that once, and the ONLY thing that worked was by not talking to her anymore. For almost a year of not talking to her I finally got over her, and wouldn't you know it she called me up out of the blue and wanted to see about trying it again. We're now married. SMF!


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