Is he over me or does he want to get back together?

So six months ago, my ex and i broke up. We were together all of the first year of university, and then broke up just before the summer because it would be long distance. he broke up with me and cried the entire time. Since we've been broken up we talk anywhere from 1-4 times a week. All summer he told me he missed me, but he was worried about hurting me again if we broke up in the future. He told me that everything reminds him of me, and that the idea of me being with someone else kills him. Does he want me back or is he just messing with me?


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  • There is a difference between missing someone and actually wanting to be with them, if. you spent a lot of time together he may just miss the company. My boyfriend cried when we split up then that night he came over and we got drunk haha bad idea but after that we never saw eachother for seven weeks and when we did see eachother he couldn't keep his hands off me and we got back together because we knew that we both wanted to be together.

    • any suggestions as to what i should do?

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    • Well I have an x who still contacts me telling me that he has changed, he still loves me, no one will love me as much as him we split up over 2yrs ago!! And I have moved on... the fact that this guy says everything reminds him of you, I would say he does want you back in some sense but you need to figure out if he is just finding the loss of you and your company hard to bear or the fact that your not in a relationship with him... but you also said he said he doesn't want to hurt you if you break up in the future!!! This contradicts what he says because if he missed you, couldn't bear to see you with someone else then why would he referring to hurting you in the future? He seems confused as to what he wants. thats why you need to spend time with one another and see if its the whole relationship and you he misses or company in general. I know its complicated but you can't speak about hurting someone in the future if you miss them that much and can't bear for you to be with someone else.

    • Dont worry about asking questions its what we are here for.

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