Does he want me back? What should I do? Guys opinion?

Six months ago, my ex and i broke up. We were together all of the first year of university, and then broke up just before the summer because it would be long distance. he broke up with me and cried the entire time. Since we've been broken up we talk anywhere from 1-4 times a week. All summer he told me he missed me, but he was worried about hurting me again if we broke up in the future. He told me that everything reminds him of me, and that the idea of me being with someone else kills him. Does he want me back or is he just messing with me?


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  • Are you two going to be close together again? Because if not, don't bother.

    • yea, we go to the same university

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    • It sounds like it! Are you two going to be apart again during the summer? Because if so, that might make either one of you a little scared to get too involved.

    • i'm not sure i think we would be apart over the summer. He hasn't texted me since Saturday though so what do you think about that?

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  • a guy should never break up with you because of distance. sorry if this is harsh, but he's probably not that serious if he ditches when its inconvenient because you're far away


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