Ex girlfriend asked me to take her back when I denied she ran back to another guy. Why?

Long story short. A girlfriend of 4 years and I broke up about a year back. I was her first for everything. She got a rebound right away and it only lasted a couple months. We ended up back together. After 5 months together after a break up she broke up with me for a frivolous reason and started dating another guy. 7 months pass and I finally get another girlfriend. Things start off shaky and my ex comes back along and tries to get back into my life. I told her no she got mad and cursed me out.

About a week later she apologized and said it was immature of her to do such a thing. I told her I still cared about her but I couldn't date her again. She agreed to be friends but a few days later she started going back out with the most recent rebound after saying she wasn't worried about boys and she was going to stay single. I don't understand why because she doesn't seem to happy. I tried to be an adult and help her but it doesn't seem like she wants any. I know you all are going to say why worry but im just trying to make sense of it all.
And I said no because I was dating someone else.


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  • She sounds codependent. Can't be happy without a man in her life telling her everything is okay and that she's okay. Coming from a codependent myself. If you told her you'd want her back tomorrow, guarantee she'd dump the other guy ASAP and come back to you. It's a low self esteem issue and she will always be this way unless she takes a step back and realizes that she's got a problem. Realistically she can't make another guy happy unless she's happy on her own. It's sad when people play games like this but it's a psychological defect she's going to have to deal with, otherwise she will always jump from one the the next, to the next. Keep making yourself happy. You are not responsible for her behavior.


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  • one word; rebound.

    She sounds like a girl that "must" have a boyfriend. The result is jumping from rebound to rebound, sometimes falling back on exes when they can't get someone. And seeing as you were eachother's first, there's alikely a stronger than normal conection towards you.

    My suggestion? You're doing the right thing! Just don't take her back, and let her run arround if she won't listen. After all, she's your ex, and therefore not your problem anymore.


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