I need some hope? (just broke up). tell me your stories?

Well, I just broke up with my boyfriend. He said the spark just died (meaning: I'm immature and didn't want to put in the effort.)

I really thought he was the one for me, but I know now he is not.

Have you ever lost hope and lost love, but then found the right one? what's your story of finding the person you are with now?
Hearing other people's experiences gives me hope and makes me feel good. thank you :)


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  • I have the habit of getting into impossible relationships (in foreign countries, long distances...) or not realizing someone doesn't really love me. The first break up I ever had was hard, really hard, but I got over it. And I got over the two next ones, it was a tiny bit easier to move on. Then, I had this relationship which now I know I used as a solution to my depression. I was depressed and had no meaning to my life, and I thought I resolved these issues when I met her but in fact it was just masking the deep mental illness I was in. This break up was DEVASTATING. Worse than my first ever by so far. Lost hope of love, of life, thoughts of suicide. But you know what, I'm currently writing. So yes, I got over it, even if it remains to this day the absolute worse moment of my life. I worked on myself, on my interests, I took care of my friends just as they did in return, I opened up to my family, I made some clear progress in my professional life. And even if I did not contact my ex so far, I hold no regret or grudges against her, she was a good person, and I still cherish the memories.

    Now, I'm not currently with the love of my life, in fact I recently got out of another impossible relationship. But my main concern was how she handled the separation, I think she moved on and everything's good. I know I did, I've overcome so much worse. And I clearly still have the hope of finding the right one, it's definitely gonna happen, I'm still so young anyway! One of my colleagues, 43 years old, met his soul mate a few months ago and are now engaged. They will officially marry back to his home country, and they are one happy and cute couple.

    • Any advice for long distance relationships? What usually was missing or the cause of the break up besides the awful girl and your being normal?

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  • Please pm me I will give you stories and I will tell you my story. I don't want to broadcast it sorry.


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  • My ex droke up on my birthday 2 weeks after my parents died in a car crash.

    8 months latter I met my wife on here. We talked for a year then started to date. We moved to the same state and 6 months latter got married

  • Mine said that too but instead of saying that first she said something like “God told me to break up with you.” I thought she was the one for me as well because she was one of the few girls who actually gave me the time of day and we had a lot in common and is a really nice person and isn’t petty like most of the relationships I see my friends are in. Plus, many would argue that I had a terrible mother growing up so I really cherished her because she was twice the mother mine ever was so that rubbed even more salt to the wound.

    • How awful 3 of my exes used that lie. God told me to break up with you. Latter learned 2 were cheating on me and felt guilty so they broke up with me. Both posting their new guy 2 days after the break up.

    • Ugh mine didn’t cheat (as far as I know) but she had a new boyfriend within a month after we broke up.

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