Should I take my bracelet from my ex's sister?

My ex's sister is good friend of mine but i recently broke up with my ex. I want my bracelet back because on the bracelet is written my last name. She said she would just loan it and give it back. But it has been 1 month and she hasn't gave it yet.

Should i ask her to return it


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  • Talk to your ex about it again. You gave it to her it's only right that you will get it from her. if she still won't give it to you then talk to her sister politely and tell her it's yours.

    • You understood wrong. I gave the bracelet to my ex's sister because she wanted to loan it but haven't yet returned it

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    • Im not in good terms with my ex because she slept with 2-3 guys while drunk but her sister is good friend of mine but i still dont want my last name attached to them.

    • Shocks! Talk to her directly and get it from her. Ask her parents if she still won't give back your bracelet.

  • Yes, it was part of your agreement you gave it temporarily she gives it back. Just ask for it back, get it back, go home and play xbox. end of story lol


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